This one semester course includes topics related to general mental, emotional and physical health. Course content relates to high school students, yet it also promotes effective and long-term health habits for adulthood.

This course is a more competitive fitness and exercise class based on improving the five components of health-related fitness. Students are involved in a fitness program that includes cardiovascular, flexibility and muscular improvement along with body composition testing. The daily schedule includes aerobic activities involving team sports, games, or workout videos as well as strength and flexibility training for muscular improvement. Students are allowed the use of a variety of fitness equipment (ellipticals, treadmills, and bikes), as well as free and machine weights. (Workout videos of yoga, Tae Bo, Pilates, aerobic dance steps and walking are also available for use.) The class is for female and male students interested in exercise, fitness and personal improvement with an emphasis in more of a sports or competitive co-ed setting. Class meets 5 days a week and may be taken multiple semesters. Students may not take both types of fitness classes during the same semester.

The physical education 9 curriculum directs the student into lifetime fitness through aerobic sports activities as well as muscular strength and endurance improvement. Basic skills and knowledge of various sport games are taught. Students are introduced to the correct techniques of strength training as part of overall physical fitness. The curriculum includes lifetime fitness activities of aerobics, weight training, and circuit training. Sports activities include units on lacrosse, speedball, volleyball (boys), team handball, field hockey, eclipse ball, Ultimate Frisbee, pickle ball, badminton, a variety of indoor games, rugby, disc golf, whiffle ball and coed line dancing.